Chad Pilbeam is a realist. Sure, he’s cynical and sarcastic, but he takes years of corporate experience and turns it into a funny, bold, and direct reflection of the nonsensical things we do everyday. His real life experiences have inspired his book MOST OF US ARE PRETTY DIM BULBS, and he uses this philosophy to create aggressive and original marketing campaigns for his clients.. Learn more…


“Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from beer.”TM


If you’re looking for a host, emcee, entertainer, or someone to create and run your corporate or customer appreciation event (even awards banquets),  Chad’s  enthusiastic approach to entertainment won’t underwhelm.  Conference and meeting planners – consider a truly original experience for your attendees: Beer Logic, where Chad proves that he can turn any discussion into a discussion about beer. Tell me more…

Think outside the box when hiring a speaker.


Using humor and the power of beer, Chad turns any discussion, topic, industry, product, or service into a discussion about beer for your audience.  Attendees are treated to a fun, high energy, and bold presentation relating your business to the worlds most popular alcoholic beverage, all the while sampling beer and learning.


It’s a book about corporate nonsense.  Think of it as Dilbert meets George Carlin, only without all the cussing.  This book will make you angry, then it will make you laugh, and then you’ll just want to bash your head on your desk because the nonsense is everywhere.  Bold.  Entertaining.  Fun to read.

Most Of Us Are Pretty Dim Bulbs


The award-winning What’s on Tap Radio is hosted by “Beer Guru” James Simpson and “The Beer Logic Guy” Chad Pilbeam. Airing Sundays 3-5PM Central on 950AM KPRC in Houston, and on IHeart (950AM KPRC), James and Chad spotlight the craft beer community, breweries, news, and the people who enjoy great beer. Never miss an “ounce” of entertainment, as you’ll get all that is happening in the world of beer, and the culture that flows with it. Can’t listen live or want to listen to past episodes? Get What’s on Tap on demand on IHeart, ITunes, or on Spreaker.



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1 day ago

Beer Logic - Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from beer.

It's been an amazing trip with family, friends (new and old), and applying Beer Logic. For the first time in my 8 years doing this, I did a repeat performance. Every episode of Beer Logic is an original and I thought doing four of the same show would get old... IT DOESN'T!

I love what I do and to see the response from great audiences, I could do this everyday! I'm so grateful for supporters, fans, clients, family and friends who trust me to teach you "Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from beer."

Now... "Honey, I'm coming home."

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Been a long time since I've had one of these. "CANADA!" Almost show time again! ...

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Trivia question. How can a brewery be established in 1898 AND be only 3 years old? ...

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1 week ago

Beer Logic - Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from beer.

Round 2! Everything I ever needed to know about HVAC, I learned from beer. #ilovemyjob #beerlogic ...

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