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Most of Us Are Pretty Dim Bulbs

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It's a book about corporate nonsense.  Think of it as Dilbert meets George Carlin, only without all the cussing.  This book will make you angry, then it will make you laugh, and then you'll just want to bash your head on your desk because the nonsense is everywhere.  Bold.  Entertaining.  Fun to read.

Most of Us Are Pretty Dim Bulbs - Introduction

Blame it on the bell curve, but we can’t all be #1.  As individuals, few of us would be so bold to proclaim we are at the top of our game or the best in the business.  At the same time, few of us would be dumb enough to confess we’re average even if it’s true (assuming we had some way to prove it).  So my question is, “How good are we?”  How talented are we?  Can we do the job our bosses expect of us?  Here’s a better question: Do you really know what your boss expects of you? Your co-workers? The project(s)?

This book has a lot to do with expectations, clichés, and the nonsense of Corporate America.  I want to share with you my experience (and those shared with me) of bosses who just don’t get it, and employees who, well, just don’t get it either.


Just so you understand: Reading this book will not turn you into a bright bulb.  But, my goal is for you to realize you are a dim bulb because of what you are doing and who you are following.  Then, by exposing your expectations for success and the noticeable shortcomings in being able to achieve, it is my hope you’ll stop doing what all of the other dim bulbs are doing.  Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the next inventor or revolutionist…or, at least, a little bit brighter than the guy working next to you.