Public Speaker (And Beer Drinker)

Motivational Speakers Don’t Work!

Didn’t you tell your employer that you were “self-motivated” when you interviewed?  So why would you need a motivational speaker?  The better question is, “Why does your employer spend money on it?”

Here is the harsh truth about motivational speeches – you leave “energized” and “excited”, almost giddy with excitement, and then you get back to your office and do the same thing you’ve always done.  When you’re led to believe things are going to change but they don’t, that is DEmotivating.  Seems silly to spend money “motivating” people only to get the exact opposite result (do you see the irony?).  If the result is the inverse of the intent, hire a demotivational speaker.

Chad Pilbeam is a realist.  Sure, he’s cynical and sarcastic, but he takes years of corporate experience and turns it into a funny, bold, and direct reflection of the nonsensical things we do everyday.  His real life experiences have inspired his book MOST OF US ARE PRETTY DIM BULBS, and he uses this philosophy to create aggressive and original marketing campaigns for his clients.

“I ask everyone the same thing; “Name a time when a motivational speaker really changed what you do.” and I never get an answer.”  – Chad Pilbeam


If you’re looking for a host, emcee, entertainer, or someone to create and run your corporate or customer appreciation event (even awards banquets), Chad’s enthusiastic approach to entertainment won’t underwhelm.  Conference and meeting planners – consider a truely original expeirence for your attendees: Beer Logic, where Chad proves that he can turn any discussion into a discussion about beer.


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